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Eight Things You Should Know About the OBPO and Book Publishing in Ontario:

  1. 80% of Canadian book publishers are based in Ontario.
  2. The OBPO presents a united voice to lobby government ministries and agencies on behalf of the provincial book publishing industry (resulting in programs such as the Ontario Book Publishing Tax Credit and the Ontario Book Initiative).
  3. The OBPO encourages recognition of the cultural and economic benefits made to Ontario through book publishing ($1 billion in annual revenues and 5,600 direct jobs).
  4. OBPO member publishers have the opportunity to participate in group marketing projects (funded both federally and provincially) at a cost substantially below individual initiatives.
  5. OBPO member publishers are updated on news and events through the quarterly membership memo.
  6. OBPO member publishers have the opportunities to learn and exchange information through membership meetings, seminars and the "members only" forum on the website.
  7. The OBPO and its committees work on an ongoing basis with the Ontario Media Development Corporation to explore new opportunities for partnerships between Ontario book publishers and other cultural media (magazine publishing, film and television production, digital media, and sound recording).
  8. In all its activities, the underlying principle of the OBPO is to encourage in particular the writing, publishing, distribution, and promotion of books written by Canadian authors.